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Los Alamos is a town in Los Alamos County, New Mexico. It is widely known as the place where the atomic bomb was developed. The town covers an area of 11.1 square miles. It is home to just over 13,000 people that reside within thousands of homes in the city.


Los Alamos experiences a humid subtropical climate. The weather takes its toll on the roofs of the area’s homes. Hot summers can cause shingles to crack and curl. The rain that the city gets throughout the city is also bad for roofs, especially in the winter. The shingles usually direct the water away from the home but in freezing temperatures, any standing water on your roof can get into cracks and crevices, expand, and cause more damage. Many homes also utilize stucco because of its durability, fire resistance, and moisture resistance. However, the local climate can take its toll on the stucco as well.


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As a business owner, your time and attention are split between many different people and tasks. It is common to place certain tasks that may seem unimportant at the moment to the side, in order to make time for more pressing matters. However, the health of your property’s roof is extremely important. A roof should be inspected annually in order to ensure there aren’t any issues that may not be visible at the moment. By investing in professional commercial roofing services, you will be able to save time as an experienced contractor inspecting and monitoring the health of your roof.

Allow the contractors at Gurule Construction to handle all of your handy work. We have proudly provided commercial roofing services in the Los Alamos, NM area for over 25 years. We are experienced in knowing how the local weather affects roofing and what procedures are needed to reinforce and maintain a roof’s health. Furthermore, we offer a variety of roofing options such as TPO, metal, and asphalt. Get in touch with our contractors to learn more about our commercial roofing services today!

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At Gurule Construction, LLC, we provide commercial and residential roofing services to the Los Alamos, NM area. We work with all roofing types such as metal, asphalt, and TPO roofing. Our roofing contractors can do roof repairs and installations. If your home has stucco that needs repair, our stucco contractors can help with that as well. Contact us today for a free estimate!